Planning the Perfect Weekend Getaway for Your Small Team

Taking your team on an outing helps build understanding between the team members. Your team gets to relax in a non-office background, getting to know each other better. New friendships are created, old enmities are wiped out quickly in a new environment as people mingle better without official tension. 

Mountain areas 

Small teams can visit mountain areas that are pleasant and cool for a refreshing weekend. Most mountain resorts have facilities for hiking on the nearby land, visiting a waterfall, or taking a stroll amidst the greenery. The Mountain breeze, fresh air, and beautiful scenery are excellent mood-lifters for anyone. 

Visit Smoky Mountain vacation rentals in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which are perfect for small team outings. Their resort homes can easily house up to eight people. They come loaded with amenities like a kitchen, porch, and a breathtaking view of the valley. Team members can go hiking, and shopping lovers can stroll around the town visiting local shops.

Beach resorts 

Small teams can visit a beach resort nearby to have a fun weekend outing with their office colleagues. Beaches are always loaded with numerous activities to kill time, relax and enjoy the cool sea breeze. The beautiful sunset and the sunrise alone are enough to make a person feel one with nature and forget all their tensions. 

A fun beach volleyball game, some surfing, and boating into the deep ocean with good seafood will help the team members blend better. Top performers or game winners can get a spa treatment from the resort and make the losers do some funny chores. Beach holidays are great places to go shopping and buy some local goodies on a low budget. 

Quiet town homestays

Teams with less than ten members can visit quiet southern towns, Indian settlements, or some historical places where roleplays get conducted. It will be a much-expected change from the typical resort stay, and the team members will have fun trying to adapt. Many resorts in quiet towns arrange for homestays, allowing people to learn more about local culture. 

Utilize the service of one such service and stay with the locals instead of a usual hotel stay to enjoy a different lifestyle. Team members will often like doing such unique things and try to help each other cope with the strangers. 

Talking and free time 

Wherever you take your team, give enough time to get some extra sleep and talk with each other. Don’t load the day with activities and give more time for your group to chat leisurely around the campfire or in the local diner or bar. Do not rush them to visit the next location or force unwilling members to participate in a game. 

Assign them other jobs like being a referee or taking photographs when others play. You will notice team players who come forward ready to help others in such outings. Many workers report an improved rapport with their colleagues after a tour in almost all companies. 

Interesting games

Arrange for a treasure hunt or some adventure game where the team members must find a clue and work with others to unlock something. If the holiday place you are booking has an escape cabin or mystery room, book them and let the team members enjoy them. Visit museums about a movie (Titanic museum) or visit movie studios where they shot the favorite film of most members. 

Such activities will linger long in the mind of the team members and give them something to laugh about for a long time. The escape room’s fun photographs and treasure hunt mess-ups will remain in the office history forever, creating lasting memories.