Encouraging Your Employees to Bike to the Office

There are several reasons why most employers encourage their workers to seek alternative means of transport to work. This may be walking, biking, taking public transportation, or carpooling. In this article, the focus will be on biking. One of the noticeable benefits is the reduced strain on the environment.

Cutting back on the use of fuel-driven means reduces the carbon footprint on the earth. It also contributes to the physical and mental well-being of the employees. Here are tips on encouraging your employees to bike to the office.

Providing company bikes

By providing company bikes, you will contribute to the environment and will be able to reduce travel/transport costs in the company. It’s comparatively less expensive to provide bikes than company cars or reimburse for daily travel. Cycling is one of the healthiest modes of transport that doesn’t pollute the environment through carbon emissions.

So, provide company bikes to the employees and ensure that you raise awareness to facilitate their home-to-work journeys. As long as the bikes are free, that’s a perfect way to get them to change from public transport means to cycle to work.

All employees should observe safety trips while riding on different routes. In case of an accident involving a bus, bus accident lawyers from USAttorneys have great experience representing them in the court.

Offering incentives to those who bike

Cycling offers financial benefits for both the employer and the employee. Offering incentives to the employees to reduce carbon emissions is one of the best ways to encourage employees to bike to work. This can be in gift vouchers, holiday packages, and cash rewards. Sometimes you can give allowances based on the miles one has cycled to work.

This may be 25 cents per mile. Most companies usually refer to this as a sustainable mobility package. That depends on the budget of the company. It doesn’t always have to be money. A simple certificate may do wonders. This highlights the organization’s involvement in climate change.

It also makes the employees responsible. Suppose one of the employees suffers an injury due to careless of another cyclist! Personal injury lawyers at U.S. Attorneys are the best choice to help them file a claim.

Give loan schemes

Not everyone in the company can purchase a bicycle. Offering loan schemes to the employees to buy new bicycles is one of the ways to encourage employees to bike to work. Some of the fuel package money can be directed to these loans to make the interests favorable.

This way, most of them will be able to buy bikes to make commuting easier. They won’t have to pay fares every morning or pay for fuel. As a result, it will be significantly easier for them to repay the loans. Companies that give loans usually cut monthly repayments from the employee’s salary.

Consequently, this results in tax savings for the employee and national insurance savings for both the employee and the employer. Accident lawyers from U.S. Attorneys are always available 24/7 to help fight for your claim in case of an accident.

Bike parking solutions

If you compare the space usually occupied by employees’ cars and the one that bikes can occupy, it’s economical to offer bike parking space. That’s especially if the company rents parking spaces for its workers.

To encourage them to bike to work, you can provide them with easy parking solutions. It may be a bicycle garage or renting ample parking space within the company. As a result, the employees will feel safe when leaving their bicycles there.

Installing shower areas will encourage the employees to use bikes because they know that they can take a shower after cycling, if needed. Riding and taking a shower refresh the employees, which is very vital for the production process of the company.